The Next Dimension of Global Traceability
for Agriculture and Horticulture

Organic Trace Technologies has developed a solution capable of tracing
the entire lifecycle of all organic matter from cradle through supply chain
or lifespan, to consumer or grave.

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Proactively Scoping for the Future

By partnering with Every Asset, and the unlimited, but highly standardised templating and hybrid blockchain,
we are able to map every type of flora and fauna and then allow participants to create a digital twin as an asset.

Full traceability of parent animal or plant, through birth
or planting and then every chemical, vet visit, and trace across the preparation and supply chain.


From the birth of an animal, our solution tracks the entire lifecycle, including all medicines, veterinary procedures, slaughter and preparation. The whole supply chain process is cataloged with the animal records, including
full trace of descendants and ancestors.


From seed production, through the crop growth, pesticide use, full cultivation and harvesting is able to be granularly stored. Any type of identifier can be used in conjunction with OTT, along with preparation and supply chain, even through customs internationally.


Environmental impact and the need to monitor species of plant and tree requires a new solution. Utilising any type of sensor, including GPS / RfID, full tracing
of species and density can be managed within OTT and attaching to common use horticultural systems globally.

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